Contributing to Jane

There are many ways to contribute to the Jane theme: submitting pull requests, reporting issues, providing new translations, and creating suggestions.

Build and Run

If you want to understand how Jane works, you’ll want to get the source, build it, and run locally.

Getting the sources

git clone


You need install the Hugo_extended version to use Hugo Pipes.

We recommend that you use VSCode. And if you edit .html files, recommend you install prettier and prettier-plugin-go-template globally . And open Prettier: Resolve Global Modules in your VSCode Settings.

npm install -g prettier prettier-plugin-go-template

Watch example Site

hugo server --contentDir='./exampleSite/content' --config='dev-config.toml'

Directory Structure

  • layouts/ Stores templates in the form of .html files that specify how views of your content will be rendered into a static website.
  • assets/ stores all the scss & js source files, Hugo Pipes will bundle them to resources/ folder.